Zwei Magnet-Schultz Mitarbeiterinnen
Together we set
the focus on the future

Become a #Magnet of Success

#Magnet of Success

Interview mit einem Auszubildenden

Together we are a powerful team

and continue to grow together with each new experience.

Interview mit Mitarbeiter an der Pforte

Family, reliability, consistency and a high technical level

all this distinguishes Magnet-Schultz.

Interview mit einem langjährigen Mitarbeiter

A safe workplace

is important to all of us. Magnet-Schultz is putting a lot of effort into ensuring this.

Interview mit einer Mitarbeiterin aus dem Labor

Exciting jobs

that are not available everywhere, combined with modern workplaces and flexible working hours.

Interview zum Thema Weiterbildung

Further training made easy

We focus on lifelong learning! That is why we are happy to support the further training of our employees.

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We at Magnet-Schultz have many names: employees of MSM, employees of Schultz ... but the one we like best is Magnet of Success.
To be found in a cross-generational, innovative company with exciting activity fields in a great region that makes a lot of meaningful things happen all over the world (and even beyond).
Success does not only refer to the job, but also to finding one's passion. And in doing so, combine work, life and family.

You see a successful company? We see the people behind it.

Besprechung im Esszimmer

MSM What's up!

Latest news from, with and for Success Magnets. Join us behind the scenes of Magnet-Schultz and our exciting projects. Get to know us and MSM and stay up to date.

Dr.-Ing. A.W. Schultz

looks back on the past business year and provides an outlook for 2022.

Björn Schuck and Simon Merk

talk about their lives as works council members and what is important to them as works council members at Magnet-Schultz.

Richard Geiger successfully completes bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

Julia E. Schultz

shares insights from the family business and why the Allgäu is so precious to her.

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Dining room 'Esszimmer' Our recharging station & point of attraction

Gesamtbild Esszimmer
Berglandschaft im Nebel

Keyfacts Everything you need to know about Magnet-Schultz

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